Panel Discussing Are Democrats too Fast Cry Racism?. #Democrats

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Alex Jordon

Republican leaders don't reach out to minorities of such because, they understood, a large percentage of their constituents do not fancy other races!

Patricia Blandon

this are the dumdest shit i ever heard these are the scary movies of today watching facism at it's best trators to this country bunch of educated fools

Jeannie Banks

I'm not Democrat nor Republican but as a black woman I have witnessed the racism and it is 100x worst with the republicans than Democrats.


Interesting topic. I find it ironic that Republicans want to ensure the validity of US elections, but they're mum on the efforts Russia's taken against our last election..


If you’re black I don’t see why you would ever vote republican. Yes you will have the black people with a little money voting for their own self interest and that’s cool, but the black community overall is hurting and democrats are the only ones that gives us a slight chance smh. Republicans are racist and I don’t think they care to appeal to us. All of the bills that they want hurts us.