Panel on Brennan: Donald Trump is “Intimidated” by Vladimir Putin. #Russia #VanJones @mkhammer

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5 Comments on "Panel on Brennan: Donald Trump is “Intimidated” by Vladimir Putin. #Russia #VanJones @mkhammer"

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Every time you see a white man defended for unspeakable actions and people TRY to defend them it proves White Privilege. We all know any Latino, Black, Asian or any other non white group and I will have to include all races of women will never be given the benefit of the doubt. This is simply white privilege and nothing else. I heard a Republican say well if these young ladies which they are no longer young ladies they are grown Republican women were telling the truth they should conduct a lie detector test and my question is why not… Read more »
barb moor

Trump and Putin are playing chess. Putin says fools mate in 3 moves.

Keith Carey

trump is pushing tribalism of white victims. Santorum is trash

Connie Cook

Santorum is such a little worm. Trolls

Obama & Hillary referred to a reset in the diplomatic arena, not when it comes to intel; P*t!n'$ mindset is still that of a KGB colonel, and that will never change.