Panel on NYT: Comic Louis C.Okay. Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 5 Ladies. @staceyhonowitz #NYT

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11 Comments on "Panel on NYT: Comic Louis C.Okay. Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 5 Ladies. @staceyhonowitz #NYT"

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Barbyl W

He admitted to this, I think this is an addiction and Louis CK said he had issues. I'm afraid this will ruin his career but he is not a predictor, he asked permission! The women are looking for money. So many men are afraid right now.


This is exactly why I don't label myself a "man" I label myself as "male", because being a "man" pretty much means you're a deep pile of shit. They seem to insinuate that all men have the tendency to do this. I see no point in jacking off in public, what in the world is the purpose of that?

Buck Taylor

Tip of the hat to Dr. Berlin for humanizing what humans do.

Chris Cross
CHRIS CROSS: Ladies and gentlemen, reporting live from behind a tree in Griffith Park here in Los Angeles, this is your roving reporter Chris (“Don’t-Worry-I’ll-Catch-‘Em”) Cross. As you may know, The New York Times recently reported that “the stories about Louis C.K. (beating his meat) stand out because he has so few equals in comedy.” Well, friends, don’t believe it. I am now observing Louis C.K. jerking off in front of a squirrel here in Griffith Park and, believe me, he doesn’t stand out very far. … In fact, I now see the squirrel covering her mouth with her paws… Read more »
Metal Gamer

According to the article he always asked for consent, though. When the women declined, he didn't do it. So did he do anything that could be considered criminally illegal?

Joe Schmoe

What if you're just asthmatic


Did he tie the girls down and made them watch??

ben britten

why don't you start your self and talk about your fucking sexual life and your shitty nasty preferences you morons!!


Why does this woman scream?

rick leonard

does Leftism cause perversion ?

Jason Jewell Davis

LOL grab by the pu$$y