Panel on Trump: “HILLARY, PLEASE RUN AGAIN!” #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #VanJones

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3 Comments on "Panel on Trump: “HILLARY, PLEASE RUN AGAIN!” #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #VanJones"

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birkuri sharath

Why hillary should run..

birkuri sharath

Are u dog or what?

Kay Omholt-Montague
OMFG!! This IS a joke isn't it? The last thing this country needs is for Hillary Clinton to run for POTUS again!! The three strikes and you are out would definitely apply here! We NEED to look forward, not backward!! My suggestion for the presidential ticket in 2020 would be Nina Turner for POTUS and Bernie Sanders for VP!! Hillary Clinton is a proven loser in presidential races!! She has never taken an honest look at why she lost the election either! Why in the world would anyone want her to run again? Nope – this is definitely a BAD… Read more »