Panel on Trump takes Putins’s phrase over U.S. Intel Neighborhood. #Election #Putin #DonaldTrump

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5 Comments on "Panel on Trump takes Putins’s phrase over U.S. Intel Neighborhood. #Election #Putin #DonaldTrump"

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Songs Mirth
Putin planned this to show America how he controls the draft dodger Trump. Of course Trump knew and he approved and now he's went along with setting foot in a country with the very people who murdered over 58, 500 let alone over 119,000 of the South Vietnamese. I'ts like spitting on their graves going there on Veterans Day! How DARE he? Putin is just showing the world how he controls Trump. Putin really IS this brutal. We didn't elect him!! He cheated to get in!!! Why do people keep saying we voted him in? WE DIDN'T! I knew it… Read more »
Beverly Frazier

You are so done. President Trump won because more than 50 million Americans voted for him.
You are such liars. I am so happy we might get along with Russia. How many elections has America meddled in

Do not confuse the rest of the Country to Racist Alabama or most of the racist South. Most of the country would never allow this man to continue even other red states. Also don’t get mad because I called Alabama a racist state. It was a State that held the second most slaves in a state. They allowed Jeff Sessions and Roy More spend decades in Alabama politics. Both were punished. If Alabama elects a Child molester as their state Senator other companies and business and even citizens should leave the state to send a strongly message. People forget they… Read more »
Traitor. I spit on you. Not our President. I hope all the so called Trump supports can now take off the blinders and see this man is nothing more than an agent of Russia and somehow become our President but acts nothing like a President. He’s done nothing but bash the United States. Goes to China and says he doesn’t blame China for taking advantage of us, bashes our intelligence agencies, federal judges and says the justice system is a joke which I happen to agree with but what American President says that? I guess Trumpers loves that he tells… Read more »
John Frank

The positive relations in Russia are purely financial for Donald Trump an opportunity to further his brand at the risk of surrendering the US to the Bolsheviks!