Panel on White Home feedback on Questioning Basic John Kelly. #JohnKelly @AprilDRyan

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13 Comments on "Panel on White Home feedback on Questioning Basic John Kelly. #JohnKelly @AprilDRyan"

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Tochukwu Azubike

April Ryan looks like miss piggy from sesame disrespect just facts😉

trouble follows

Trump hired all these generals because he knows they will follow orders even if the order feels wrong……. the closest thing to a robot. 🤖🤖🤖


Excuses Excuses….There is NO justification for using this soldiers death for political purposes, and to claim racism about the empty barrels comment, then to denigrate Kelly , knowing he was the only one who knew what he was talking about, is simply disgusting. This interview from the Clown News Network is typical of the lefts inability to actually admit any wrongdoing …ever! You stink…

Marylou Addona

go eat a donut April!

Bad Fairy

Why did kelly start name calling. It is not big or clever.

Rich Gult

April is a racist, stupid, POS.

Randell Porter

Both are racists.

John Frank

The general allowed Donald Trump to destroy his credibility and his honor!

Norman Stehr

America, if you want to go down big time, you keep this fraud Admin in place! If you don't want to make bad things worse, you start impeachment now!


Speaking of "EMPTY BARRELS", April Ryan fits the bill . . . . . . .

Laurie Strauch
And when confronted with the video, they just make up more lies, claiming the "grandstanding" happened off camera…and next they will drag some schmuck up to "verify their lie is true", I wouldn't believe anything said from this administration. It really is quite frightening that no one can hold these folks accountable either, because these lying people are running our country. How dare they speak of Congresswoman Wilson like they have/?? Plus she is the only one in this heated battle who has put the family first, she gave a very short interview, and stated she is focused on this… Read more »

Trump you are a moron

Merrilou Neigenfind

I thought Kelly was retired. And just FYI, generals can be questioned too.