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Parrot TV for Birds | Keep Your Parrot Happy | Bird Sounds | Ep: 69

Keep Your Parrot Happy! What’s Parrot TV you ask? It’s our Parrot Enrichment TV show that we create just for birds! Dogs have TV for them when their parents go to work, Cats have TV for them, but what about Parrots?! We think they need a TV show too! Parrot TV helps keep your parrots happy, balance, and not feeling lonely when you can’t be there with them. There’s even humans out there that enjoy our shows! TV for Birds (Live Bird Cam) is an Excellent tool for you & your bird with tropical bird sounds added to the background. TV Made by birbs for birbs! Perfect to put on for your parrots if you have to leave the house or are too busy to entertain your birds. A little glimpse of my life with parrots and doing what we normally do during the day. Enjoy the birds flocking, bathing, and just doing what parrots do Live or for Replay. TV for Birds is ALL About Parrot Enrichment! It’s also great for those of you that don’t have birds but enjoy hanging out with them, a virtual flock of parrots for you to hang out with while you go about your day! I have created an entire series playlist of TV for Birds, so all you have to do is click Play and let it continuously run for hours and hours. We hope you Enjoy! **HEADPHONE WARNING! We have a Moluccan Cockatoo named Peachy, and sometimes he lets loose with the laughing and screaming. You’ve been warned!**
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Made by Birbs—For Birbs!
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🦜 Our Parrots🦜

Peaches – Moluccan Cockatoo
Charlie – Timneh African Grey
Ellie – Goffins Cockatoo
Benny – Indian Ringneck
Frankie – Cockatiel
Augie – Cockatiel

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🦜 TV FOR BIRDS can Help Prevent behavioral disorders such as plucking, aggression, & depression. A balanced Bird is a Happy Bird

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Haha looked like they had a lot of fun with the TP’d birb room ! 🤣🥰

Chirp City Channel
Chirp City Channel

58:00 The two cockatoos snoozing together

Chirp City Channel
Chirp City Channel

The stream was amazing as always! I’m hanging out with the birds this weekend, then next week I’m going camping for 5 days. Then I’ll have the rest of the summer to stay with my birds!