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Parsl: Marijuana reform, Big Pharma, Blockchain, and Joe Rogan?

Another interview with the infamous Dr Isaac Balbin from Parsl but this time we just mostly chatted about the current state of marijuana reform and how clients we’re perceiving the business as they are exposed to it.

I really like talking with Isaac and we didn’t really plan this out, we just kind of went for it and saw what came up which was a neat format for an on the fly interview. I hope we’ll be doing more like this soon.

For anyone who doesn’t know Parsl, its a blockchain supply chain management system with smart chip technology built on EOS to merge the legal cannabis industry with regulation as it becomes more and more clear that the tides are changing.

Feel free to have a look at Dr. Isaac Balbins personal twitter here and make sure you go and dig into the Parsl project with all the links below. One of the most appealing use cases on EOSIO.

Isaac’s twitter

Links and information about Parsl





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1 year ago

I'm calling local dispensaries and sending them Parsl information. GO #EOS

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