Peace within the Center East

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Peace within the Center East – whoa that may be a toughie.

You might have millennia of individuals being led round by the nostril whereas abusing their moms and daughters on each (or all eight or 9) sides of the problem after which there’s all that oil that corpserists backing the US are in want of.

I think there must be actual ecumenism and the religions have to be pressured (which would require Bush or somebody additionally admitting all religions to say the identical issues) to say so. After which it is going to take years of re-programming earlier than the land so filled with holes and ass-holes begins to deserve any recognition as a Holy Land moderately than a playground for Holy Empires.

Then I’d counsel that we use Free Vitality or different power sources and starting making it clear there’s an abundance of power throughout us. If we needed to we might merely get Helium III from the moon for some functions that the Tesla (Newman, Farnsworth, Fleischmann-Pons, Photo voltaic, Bearden and Vacuum and many others) power didn’t discover utility appropriate to match the necessities. This may diffuse the arbitrageurs who love unrest greater than somewhat and be detrimental to the oil cartels (Bushco).

Lastly and most illegally if folks proceed to consider the historical past they’re taught at school – We should take away particular standing for individuals who disguise behind company or nationwide veils. It was solely just lately that firms got superior rights to any particular person. On the similar time we should cut back nationwide pursuits whereas rising native autonomy. The futurists like Toffler have been proper about this taking place in Europe however they might have defined why the plan set in movement within the 19th Century would result in the EEC.

This similar plan could also be essential if Nations are to proceed of their current sovereign (derived from Kings who had been stated to be Divine) standing. I’d hope that won’t occur however it’s obvious within the phrases of Woolsey and Bennett that it’s the plan. It’s in reality the best way that Kissinger Associates have laid out the NSS doc that George II calls a Warfare on Terra.

However if folks began studying the Hegelian Dialectic of historical past – then actual change might happen. Then standing arms could be outlawed and ladies could be free. How can folks be educated about all of the lies of countries and leaders and but nonetheless have some hope for mankind? "

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