Individuals With out Papers: How France Handles Its Refugees

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Soul Equaliser

ya can't help folks who don't want help, they need sharia law to feel welcome.

Jammy joe

Really ungrateful people, 'no respect in France only UK is good' not once do they talk about i want to work, no tears from me.


The French are destroying themselves.
They have a $2T economy that is broadcasting their willingness to hand it out anyone with a grievance. As long as this is the case – they will keep coming.

jad tohme

lol wtf is that hippie clown at 19:00
hope she gets eventually raped up the ass by her gentle refugees.

adrian carty

Where's all the women and children????


Yeah this seems to be missing the large crowds of males gang raping.

Soul Reaper

These young people should stay and fight to improve their countries, or else they will always be treated as second class people in European countries.

Dregio Ramos

Before you people label these kids as invaders or whatever derogatory term u may choose, just remember These kids are fleeing from some of the countries that are being destroyed by conflict, conflicts brought about by your Govt and its allied forces.
This crisis is a DIRECT consequence of France and its allies neo-imperialistic interventionism policies in some of these kids home countries. Syria, Lybia, IRAQ, Somalia, etc.

I understand however, based on the comments here, that some of your perspectives are too narrow to even give that some thought

Betzayda Brethour

Beggars cants be choosers

bad boy

Long live France loads love from Afghanistan 😍😍😍


Yes , I understand these people are facing terrible circumstances going to Europe, however they decided to go by their own choice and still seems to be better than what they left behind and last and don't see why Europeans have any responsibility on taking them in . Not to mention they are breaking the laws of imigration and so forth and so on..

Adrian Smith

Rapefugees. Go to Saudi Arabia, Qatar or UAE please!!! You're ruining Europe!!!!!!!

Orvin Thompson
Ngo's and volunteers. What a global problem this is. the lybia slave trade and all the issues in the third world. France has a past just as america does, but this is not the past. this is the future and we are not happy with it. We being sensible hard working people who made good choices. These people are the product of bad choices including their births. god did not plan for them and they keep reproducing. Macron went to Africa and suggested they use birth control. They are offended. They will be eliminated form the planet by a once… Read more »
anar agayev

that Romanian driver things refugees from Kuwait? what a stupid man! he needs to go to Kuwait and see how Kuwaitis actually live lol

Gamini De Silva

Why whine if your heart is so much bleeding take those human scam home share accommodation n food

Neanderthal Extinction
Neanderthal Extinction

Good Europe deserves every last migrant after what they did to the world especially France

Look at what Paris and places like Los Angeles looked like thirty years ago. Every American sitcom thirty years ago was about a middle-class family or some guy living in LA somewhere, mentioning places like "Burbank" and "Pasadena" so second nature, we all knew these were places somewhere in California, but never exactly where. Now look at that cesspool today thanks to liberalism. "California Dreamin'?" Yeah, right. Same mistake will happen in western Europe, I promise you. Could you imagine your average Clark Griswold getting on a plane from the States, and driving around most of Paris' arrondissements today? Seriously,… Read more »
Daniel Corregan

They don’t make 13 year olds like that anymore….


Instead of focusing on these refugees, the politicians and the people should focus more on what institutions/whom enable these people to cross borders and give these entities harsh punishments ….. chaotic africa and middle-east have been happening for a long time …. of coz, the politicians won't do that and prefer to let the legal citizens deal with the refugees alone ….. so many money can be made from these chaotic events ….if they were serious, this problem won't happen at all, look at how effective closed borders are …. it's THAT easy …..

Ricki Hearns

as an American I feel bad for the deterioration of Europe right now…. France has no obligation or responsibilities to those people.

Tim Mak

These UK activists need to be arrested for mischief-making and deported back to the UK.  The Soros funded 'aid' agencies need to be shut down.

Zolee Little

Paid political servants of George SOROS in EU ( EU's traitors ):
Angela MERKEL, Jean-Claude JUNCKER, Francois HOLLADE,
Macron, Tsipras, Matteo Renzi, Avramopoulos, Guy Verhofstadt,
Asselborn, Martin Schulz, Frans Timmermans, Donald Tusk,

Patryk Drozd

The uk sucks.

First Last

The French need to aid the refugees and give them shelter, not trash heaps and rounding them up like cattle drivers.

Michael Morris

It's simple, send them back from whence they came!!!

relios radwick

Why do they want to Go to the UK when France has a lot of oportunities. France is one of the riches countries of Europe.