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PM Narendra Modi & Xi Jinping to meet at Fisherman's clove resort |NewsX

PM Narendra Modi & Xi Jinping to meet at Fisherman’s clove resort |NewsX

#ModiXiMeet #FishermanCloveResort #NewsX

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Bharat Pride
Bharat Pride
8 months ago

Modi' choice where to host Xi was a masterstroke – it basically made Xi learn & open his eyes to an ancient & great civilization to which his own people looked to ! Modi took him to Arjuna's penance & would have made mention of the sanskrit reference of the 5 brother's going to China & the prized deer skins that where purchased by King Dhritarashtra, & gifting him with silkworks & showing him the culture of the region , the long standing interconnectivity that existed & key is the mutual respect between the 2 nations in ancient times ,… Read more »

Harsha Vardhan
Harsha Vardhan
8 months ago

its fisherman's COVE.. not CLOVE..

Dipankar Otta
Dipankar Otta
8 months ago

it's cove, not clove🙄

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