President Donald Trump: Claims Of Collusion ‘Dumbest Factor I’ve Ever Heard’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Talking to Reuters and CBN, Pres. Trump defended his assembly with Putin and his son’s assembly with a Russian lawyer blasting the thought his marketing campaign …


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No, you got the order wrong donny boy- it is "the dumbest acts of collusion I have ever heard"

Marie Jane

It's kinda funny that the Russian scandal was mostly about Trump getting peed on.

Robin Lous

He's still allowed to land in France…or anywhere in Europe apart from Russia?

Vicki Allen

I thought he was the president of Pennsylvania not Paris unless you running from trouble


Wait.. Putin wants the United States to have windmills?

I think that claim trumps any claim of collusion as being the dumbest thing ever heard.

Andrew Babcock

I really miss you Brian…you were right up there like Walter, Dan, Peter….all gone…..make your way back, we need you.

Anthony Mcqueen

Do you think Putin woupd admit to any of this in front tiny hands trump ???

No he is too smart for that .

Shan Sewb

WHAT?!! On the SAME DAY as Jr.'s meeting about Hilary, Trump made that announcement?! How is there any question of whether he knew about the meeting and whether it was premeditated?! Jesus

Dalmar Trois

American stand up be fearless and impeachment this liar clown.

Melissa K

and to think trump supporters think this man is a "business genuis" lmao #dunbfucks


It's most always the cannibals when shiet goes down.


Meaning it's the truth. Literally everything he says, the EXACT OPPOSITE is true.

Elio Lopez

Sadly, it is a known fact that Chump doesn't care that he gets called a liar. He undertsands that he lies. He gets mad when there's statements like "President Bannon," other people including his son, getting the limelight, and the fact that this stuff is starting to come out. But calling him a liar doesn't bother the sack of dung one bit.

Gregor Hast

Please wake me up if you are finish with your stupid Trump Russia bashing!


response to the title: dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Luke  Greene

20 to life …..sounds about rite

Mr. fearless

the problem is That TRUMP HAS LOST ALL CREDIBILITY ALONG TIME AGO, now his family is following suit. liars who dont care about anyone but themselves
bunch of unreal fake people


Of course Putin wanted Trump, he was anti NATO & Putin would LOVE that.

Joe Kuster

russia Russia. madcow ..all fakes ..were do they find these people ??

Modern-Day Hysteria

I'm an independent voter (I hate Trump; I voted for Johnson). But now
MSNBC is honestly more biased than Fox news. Seriously, don't be a bunch
of sheep, MSNBC followers

Russ Wilson

1:55 Trump and Pat Robertson in the same room. Where is a tornado when you need one?

Arkay Weber

don't know wether you losers, fake news reporters are aware of this true breaking news, but I'm sorry to say that Obama, lynch and the demorats maybe even cnn brought the Russian lawyer to America! a set up! you mite ask! you losers figure it out! aye! all the made up lies, all the hyping each other up all the the great swelling words all the hatred hahaha is going to be, once again! another huge disappointment. God bless America and may God continue to bless President Trump. Go Trump Go! yeah.


More negative media covfefe. Sheesh.

Royal Ace

Lol like cops asking a criminal twice if they did committed a crime and they said No twice… so the cops replied "well then you are free to go. Anyone who would say No twice must be innocent because they said No not once, but twice"

Irish Chick

Dear God America, just make sure 4 years is all this guy gets.


Trump knew EVERYTHING!


If Trump think he could break an Ex KGB agent in a 20 min conversation, then why does he support water boarding to obtain information?

Vicki Springer

two sleazy old men…the most disgusting site today but bed I there is one everyday

Eric Rodriguez
This is the real "Deflategate", never mind Tom Brady. Historically, categorically, and alphabetically, anytime a story comes out and starts to balloon. The PMURT campaign and surrogates always try to deflate anything to do with ties to Russia. Conspiracy with intent plus collusion is plain as day. This administration has no credibility and have no morals with their actions. You don't have to be a politician nor genius to agree to have a meeting with intent of being given sensitive information. From a foreign power, that has meddled in our elections. Just walking through the doors is intent to receive… Read more »
Bob Anonymous

He said he would do a speech about exposing the Clintons the day his son and top campaign people were meeting with the russians to get dirt on the clintons. Of course, that was just another amazing coincidence, right, trump followers?