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President Donald Trump On The IG Report & Lindsey Graham Calls The FBI A "Criminal Enterprise"

President Donald Trump gives his first impressions of the IG Report calling it a tragedy
Senator Lindsey Graham holds a press conference to discuss the findings of the Inspector General’s Report. He calls out the FBI under James Comey becoming a criminal enterprise, no different than the Mob.

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sweets g-p
sweets g-p
7 months ago

I bet the msm doesn't show any of this or explain the legalese to the average person, in the same way this honest man explains it… he is obviously not a Trump man… but he is an HONEST MAN!

eileen spamer
eileen spamer
7 months ago

i think Mr Trump has been eyeing up America's crooked system for many years with the view to putting it RIGHT, thank heaven his time has come support to him/America from England

Regina Kellum
Regina Kellum
7 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing this, quite informative and interesting.

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