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Project for the Web feature release

This is a feature release video all about Project for the Web, or P4W as some people are already calling it. Let me know in the comments what you think, I’m very excited at least :).

Microsoft Articles

Other bloggers on Project for the Web

[Release] “Project for the Web” is live

The new Microsoft Project is HERE!
Welcome to the new Project – getting started Part 1 #MSProject #PPM #Office365 #PowerPlatform #ProjectMangement #ModernWorkManagement #CDS #PMOT #PMO
Welcome to the new Project – getting started Part 2 #MSProject #PPM #Office365 #PowerPlatform #ProjectMangement #ModernWorkManagement #CDS #PMOT #PMO

Project vlog: Work templates

Project vlog: Getting started with the new Project for the web

Project vlog: Project for the web’s Model-driven app

Project vlog: Boards

Deep dive articles and Github

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Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar
8 months ago

Thanks for the nice video Erik, As you said, yes no check-in / check-out, save and publish.. have a query, when we create a group, will the schedule automatically sync to the MS Teams (or) do we need to configure manually?

Jose Zaldivar
Jose Zaldivar
8 months ago

Could you add the links to the different posts you have in the video?

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