Protesters After EX-COP Acquitted in Loss of life of Black Man. #StLouis #Breaking

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3 Comments on "Protesters After EX-COP Acquitted in Loss of life of Black Man. #StLouis #Breaking"

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Michael Madsen

I love how this clown Antonio focuses only on the officers words prior to the shooting and not the fact that the criminal was pulling a gun on a cop.

You mean the black community is tired of racial slurs, being searched and hassled by cops, getting beaten by cops, being sent to prison even though they are innocent and being executed in public by cops? Every sick minded racist thinks all blacks are criminals and looters. The truth is that they are a politically targeted group. Sure some can find a way out, but most do not. It is very sad. The economic repression of the black people, the prison industrial system seeking to slave them in hard labor, the lack of food justice in their community, the lack… Read more »

Just like with the hurricanes last week, everything is just an excuse for looting by black people. they take advantage of any opportunity to loot and vandalize.