Puerto Rico governor holds information briefing on results of Hurricane Maria

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Maria Cancel
It's great that hon. @RicardoRosello is having press conferences in washington since is very important that in the world and especially in the #USA ; citizens can start being educated as well as informed of all the contributions that #puertoricans have made to #america. 🇺🇸🗽🇵🇷 #PuertoRico has always been very appreciative of how our #LandOfTheFree invaded the #EnchantedIsland to liberate our people from the #SpaniardColonialism. And all the gratitude that we have felt for generations for all the support that #NorthAmerica has granted #borinquen ; we have expressed it by giving back to the #UnitedStates all the resources that the… Read more »
GetaGrip TV

R. I. P

Larry 306

Always remember that Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in prison for bribery, money laundering and other corruption that spanned his two terms as mayor — including the chaotic years after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

Gabriel ArchAngel

Fu , and move on

Franco 9156


Infinity man

You know what ? The quality is really not the best. Would have expected atleast 1080p60 Full HD. Also accordingly to other people in this comment section he is corrupt to hell and back. Don't trust him.

jim stineman

Send troops, care, building supplies and get to work! I am ashamed of the way trump is handling this!

richie s

I hope they all move here and go on welfare and vote for the democrats lol


This governor and his hefty sidekick are total Trump supporters and would do ANYTHING to make PR a state. They need to be interviewed by someone of heft who will really get down to business. Everything these two answer to is always flag waving, praising the veterans who have fought in wars, etc etc etc. So what. I would respect him more if he were more militant in getting rid of The Jones Act, but of course he wont because it appeases Congress.


Equal Treatment? You SOB's can have equal treatment when you start paying U.S. Income tax like the rest of us.

Kim Dailey


Alfred Marquez

Thankfully, Alejandro Gonzalez Padilla wasn't the governor during this storm, his press conference would have been: "Ventana, window, piso, floor, maestra, teacher, y puerta, door".

Maritza Aponte

Wow they are going to ride this hurricane forever. Nice suit he is wearing

Vincent Strother

All Puerto Ricans DO NOT VOTE 4 this POS again he's in trumps back pocket 💰,… sucks trumps LOUSY RACIST ASS everyday! If the was an island of middle -class white bigots,… the president would have sent an armada, navy and support that would make D-Day look like a picnic ! IMPEACH EM both!

Rensforth Yeo

This guy is a piece of shit who kisses trumps ass daily. Do not trust anything he says he is beyond corrupt