Putin on Trump rumours: “Russian hookers are one of the best!!!”

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Terry Whelan

He definitely has something on Trump. He likely set him up with agents posing as Hookers.
You can see the truth in his wife's eyes that a golden shower has come up before.
You can see she wants to run away from him.


If the numbers of Russian hookers contacting and dying from AIDS is a barometer of their greatness then yes Russin hookers are top of the heap.

Irish Docs

i think the world is now looking at leaders such as putin(russian leader) or xin ping(chinese leader), the rest of the leaders r no leaders but just following the suite of USA, but USA is now facing leadership crises, putin is becoming a more active leader in the world and in the region,


Whether this compromising information is true or not, this is one of Trump's Benghazis. Yeah only one of them. And rightly so. Might seem petty and unproductive but what's good for the goose……

Brenda Lawrence

Putin tells porkies too!!


i like Putin. but this is bullshit.
The man is ex-KGB and of course they collect information on foreign leaders and wealthy busisness men. Its what the CIA does.

T.H. Moray

Say what you want about Putin, because I will and I am, the man is intelligent, composure, and a realist political understanding of global politics and foreign affairs than most in the western world has the balls to admit .