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Razors Edge Podcast #34 with Max Harlton

This Podcast is very surreal now because this podcast was recorded the night before I woke up to the news of the passing of Kobe Bryant and also the night Edge Returned to the ring for the Royal Rumble. To think any of these things would’ve happened in the 24 hours time space is insane. But it happened. I had Max Harlton on call after a his “To The Max” Finale dropped with his Affinity World Title Match. We talked how that came to be. where did the Mr. 6 name come from and we answer twitter questions and much more on this special edition of the Razors’ Edge Podcast.

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I am Ryan Razors aka Remixx on PSN with my friends. I’m just a guy that sing and ramble about stuff . I listen to multiple bands very open minded about metal music and not afraid to share my opinion & I do CAW interviews on a podcast and most importantly I love anime! 。◕‿‿◕。

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