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Recovering from an Error in 24 (or 12) Word Seed Phrase. For Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey, Coinomi, etc.

So you have upgraded the firmware on your hardware wallet, gone to re-enter the 24 word seed and got one of the following errors:

Trezor: Recovery failed. Error details: Mnemonic is not valid
Ledger: Invalid recovery phrase
or simply: Invalid mnemonic… (or some similar error when trying to restore a BIP39/44 wallet)

Oh Noes…

Every time crypto has a bit of a price pump, I am saddened to see a bunch of people hit forums/reddit/etc who have come back into the space and realised their recovery phrase doesn’t work… Half of them end up simply pinching their 24 word seed into scammy online tools or worse, paying for tools/services that are mostly scams and will never work anyway… These exploitative situations should be avoided at all costs…

This video demonstrates how to use some secure offline and open source tools (seed Savior and BTCrecover) to recover from both single and multiple errors in your 24 word recovery phrase. (Demonstrating up to a 3 wrong words in a 24 word seed)

Important Notes to Start…
⦁You will need your 24 (or 12) word seed (Even if it has errors)
⦁You will need to know at least one public address that you used for the wallet…

This will not help you to recover from having lost your 24 word phrase completely… I’m sorry but in this case, there is no means of recovery and anyone who tells you otherwise is out to scam you somehow. (If you still have a hardware wallet for which you no longer have the seed, you should move all coins to a new wallet/seed ASAP)

Tools used in this video:

Need a new hardware wallet?
Be safe and buy them direct from the manufacturer. (Not just through some random on eBay, Amazon, etc)
Get a Ledger:
You can even keep the same 24 word phrase on your new wallet.

If this was helpful, feel free to send me a tip:
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Ed Nakh
Ed Nakh

Thanks Stephen, This is a very deep dive. I feel the seed savior is easier. Not everyone can do all that Python coding. What will happen if I just download the tool to a flash drive and use that flash drive in a laptop that never connect to the internet. Will that be considered a secure environment?
I started to feel hope in crypto space when I see some smart people like you stepping in to help.