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Relaxing Chinese Music ● Lotus Forest ● Beautiful, Moning Music for Relaxation, Yoga, Awakening

Relaxing Chinese Music ● Lotus Forest ►
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★ 4 Surprising Facts About China Read in Description.
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1. Geese are used instead of police dogs in Xinjiang, China
Birds of a feather fight for justice together.

In the agricultural Xinjiang Province, geese are primarily employed like police dogs tend to be in other parts of the world as part of a police force.

They actually work better than dogs in many cases, as geese have an impeccable hearing and are very observant. Plus, they spread their wings wide and are loud when they need to alert of a situation.

If need be, they will attack strangers as dogs do in efforts to safeguard the equity amongst the Chinese people.

This idea wasn’t quite invented in China – In the ’80s in West Germany, the U.S. military operated 900 geese to help guard military bases. How’s that for an interesting fact of the day?

2. The most fireworks in the world are set off on Chinese New Year’s Eve.
One of the interesting facts about Chinese New Year is that, according to the legend of Nian, the loud sounds of the fireworks scare off any monsters or bad luck that may be lurking around this time of year.

Per the story, there was once a monster named Nian that would enter into people’s houses on New Year’s Eve. Most would hide safely in their homes, but one little boy thought to bring out fireworks to ward him off, and successfully did so.

As a result, it’s since a traditional Chinese tradition to light fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Despite bans on fireworks due to pollution in some of China’s cities, the city-goers pop off the fireworks anyways.

Celebrated by more than twenty percent of the world, this time of year when everything gets decked out in red is a big deal. It’s the most important holiday for the Chinese, actually.

A China interesting fact is that there’s no set date for Chinese New Year – it’s actually celebrated from Jan 21st to February 20th. Who doesn’t love a reason for an extended celebration?

Oh, 2019 is the Year of the Pig, just in case you were wondering.

3. Cricket fighting is a pastime for both children and adults alike in China.
Crickets are found in absolute abundance in this colossal country. In Beijing, Autumn marks the start of cricket fighting season, a Chinese tradition that has been practiced for over a thousand years.

An annual cricket fighting tournament is held in this capital city on the grounds of a large temple, where the matches take place in small plastic containers. The shows are recorded and then shown on big screens so visitors can see it live. As far as competition, crickets are matched up according to their size, to ensure fair battle.

In some parts of China, like Macau, cricket fighting was at one time quite popular, where people would even place bets on their preferred cricket, making it a gamblers sport. To be even more dramatic, funerals were held for the crickets that went on to the other side following the cricket matches. They even have special mortuaries for the crickets.. Ok, maybe that’s going too far.

This interesting pastime is the real fortune cookie of China, for those that are clued in enought to know about it.

4. Christmas is not a public holiday in China.
One of the interesting facts of China is that the Chinese don’t receive a day off from work just because it’s Christmas.

Christmas, along with Christianity, has been banned from China for years, however, ironically enough, Christmas Day is one of the biggest shopping days of the year in this contemporary country.

The younger crowd celebrates Christmas as a sort of celebration time to spend with loved ones, sort of like how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the West. Some people even go around singing Chrismas carols for fun, even if they’re not sure exactly what they mean.

One of the fascinating facts of China is that despite the fact that China produces most of the plastic Christmas trees worldwide, most Chinese citizens don’t have one in their home for this holiday.

It’s also an occasion to celebrate goodwill and to give to those in need such as the homeless, orphans, the elderly, and the disabled. However, one of the facts about China culture at Christmas is that it’s not technically a declared federal holiday, as it is in other parts of the world.

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YouRRelaX - Relaxing Music
YouRRelaX - Relaxing Music
9 months ago

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★ 4 Surprising Facts About China Read in Description.

Yōjinbō 用心棒
Yōjinbō 用心棒
9 months ago

It's good.

Kazuto Arase 荒瀬 和人
Kazuto Arase 荒瀬 和人
9 months ago

nice one.

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