Dependable Sources on With Fox’s Energy Comes Nice Duty. #FoxAndFriends #ReliableSources

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Thanks for Watching! Please Share and Subscribe! The First 100 Days of President Donald Trump.


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Darren Nicholls

A big orange clown in a White House leads the most powerful country on the planet and gets much of his advice from three Fox clowns on Fox and Friends, a morning show.

Can someone please remind me when the earth got transported to a crazy parallel universe ruled by a mentally challenged god on LSD?

Boogie Loo

Incredible that our president could stupid enough to cite any tv channel or news show. And he puts it up on Twitter, lol. Any other politician let alone a president doing something so irresponsible would be castigated considering this could be a national security issue or at least a potential security issue – and at the very least, so, so stupid.

Sunshine Bee

CNN fake news

Don Parent

CNN = Comedy Central

Eldorado Walters

the most kiss asses of america's conservatives talk show just a bunch of liars just as that orange toupee clown trump!

Paul Lewis

All I here is Tentacle porn talk

Clifford Mcbee

sounds like dicksucker selzer is jealous.