Rep. Jim Himes on Periods Testimony & Donald Trump JR. confirms contact with Wikileaks. #Breaking

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Darren Nicholls
Darren Nicholls

Sessions is a bald faced liar and every one of the trump crew is complicit in utterly treasonous collusion with WikiLeaks and Russia to swing the election for trump, and they all belong in prison. It's so painfully obvious, any idiot should be able to see it clearly. Americans should be protesting in the millions around the White House until trump is thrown out and arrested, and they get their country back from the trump crime syndicate.


There are one of two things going on with AG Sessions, either he is a double agent for the swamp, or he is being manipulated by someone with the infamous Clinton files/file gate papers. (my opinion) If you are an outsider and are If you are an outsider and are considering to run for a seat in Congress or the Senate please do so. If you will sign a pledge of loyalty to President Trump and his agenda. I don't care if you run as a democrat or republican. If this happens we stand the best chance ever of taking… Read more »