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6 Comments on "Rep Schiff (D) says we Do not know but if Russia and Trump camp had contact contradicting (R) Nunes"

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joyce d

They know that Trump and other candidates did not have any contact with Russia. He even said not to draw conclusions about Trump administration but they already know that they did not have contact with Russia during the campaign.

Bruno Schardelmann

good.. let the truth come out ..

Stan Buczak

tRuumpssia knows comrade


Trump is a scared little girl. May his death be long and hard.

Fale Smith

One wonders how much Flynn's been paid by Trump to keep his mouth shut

John Brattan

You have to wonder: if nobody has any information so far then why is the Trump administration jumping through hoops to label this 'not yet available information' as fake news. And why would Priebus be snooping around FBI folk? Flynn obviously lied to the administration, but you have to wonder why he lied. I'm sure Flynn just didn't call up the Russians to find out what the weather was like in Moscow.