Rep Scott Taylor R Virginia faces indignant constituents at City Corridor

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wolf bialon

tone down the rhetoric? that, coming from a Republican and Trump supporter is more than laughable. Wow …. all I can say is this: "You reap what you sow". And Trump, your party and supporters sowed a storm – and boy will you reap a tornado!

Mark Watney

its not that simple to see the plan? politicians always try to make seem more complex than they are to try to confuse us. what they do is not brain surgery or rocket science!

craig robb

easy fix is universal healthcare for all! works great for everyone else in the world

Jamming Namming

Not one single fucking answer!!!

Dawn Atkinson
The fact is I remember months ago in an interview, Trump saying he had a great plan, fantastic plan etc except when probed Trump was unable to give specifics. So if he didn't have a plan then he was lying wasn't he?! What sickens me the most about this whole thing is that socialised healthcare like we have in the UK or Canada, is the best thing for everyone. But you allow these companies to put a fucking price on your life and even though conservatives are supposed to be mainly Christian, clearly Jesus's 'love thy neighbour' is lost on… Read more »
milagros basauri

Project Veritas ,will show some recordings off CNN =FAKE NEWS , stay tuned😃😃😃😃

Carla Easterling

Swallow, Foole.

Wymann Monday

They spent 8 years inciting their base with fear and lies, now he calls for calm?


"Do your job! Do your job!" curious, same chant used at the Rep. Chaffetz town hall more than a week ago, a chant calling for investigations into some imagined ties of Trump with Russia. But we are to believe this is not a manufactured protest.

Aaron Stansberry

If conservatives in Congress is so much against government run health care,shouldn't they,and their staff pay for their own insurance. such hypocracy…good for us,not for you.

Samsara Peace

A true politician He just doesn't answer the questions! Answer in few words or Shut up !

Get IT J

Cocky Racistpublicans…do your job or b removed! Let us not 4 get


Liberals trolling events is nothing new.

No GMO Joe

Paid Soros parades trying to fool the world again!

Ann Moore

Yeah! He should show his Taxes!

Benzie Smith

He still didn't answer the question, big surprise.

Dickson Angoye

Now this is situation way we call it as, last kicks of a dying fuckin horse,coz already the rep congressmen starting feeling the heat.

Jo Nelson

Uhh yes the mental competency of the President is VERY IMPORTANT!

Lin L. Hendric

The people in the Town Hall are not there to intimidate you, you asshole, they are there so you at least try to listen to them. How else can they made their voices heard if you guys are deaf and blind to the pleads of the American people?

who cares

what was his answer?