Reporter from Puerto Rico Returns to Hometown. #SanJuan #PuertoRico @leylasantiago

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5 Comments on "Reporter from Puerto Rico Returns to Hometown. #SanJuan #PuertoRico @leylasantiago"

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frazz stemton
Guest all want independence.. …yeah.. no more food stamp. oh. i wonder how are the gays doing. sick…God stopped the party


In this perticular news report I saw no dire suffering, no body dying of starvation, the children are being attended to, and it's not the "Mad Max" scenario, that some purport it to be. The complaints are all politically motivated. What about Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican republic are they okay. Nobody is highlighting their plight, because those disasters are not politically exploitable.

flisan misan

Trump has already introduced, "Trump Care"  in Puerto Rico apparently! 
 Watch and learn. Disgusting!

gut viol

FEMA are watching, next FEMA will try to take control of the springs. Resist.

Katrina Sinclair

This is so ridiculous. This country is part of the U.S. What is wrong with trump? Other Americans should be outraged.