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6 Comments on "Republican Lawmakers face offended constituents What does it imply What’s going to change Panel debate"

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Alyssa Walker

Two words: Tea Party. Don't discount town hall disruptions.

Paul Henri

make no mistake the Tea Party are a bunch of racist you Americans are your s*** on the news all around the world and expect us to swallow your hogwash. the Tea Party happen because a black man was nominated and actually ended up becoming president of the United States. and the call this movement nothing like the tea party is just total bullcrap.

Don West

Interesting… he says that what made the Tea Party protests different is that they were Democrats who had supported Obama switching sides. Not in early 2009 they weren't! He has the benefit of hindsight to make this claim. But the fact is, there was plenty of reason to believe that Tea Party protests were coordinated efforts funded by the Koch Bros. But somehow their "thing" was different and special… Whatever.

Sirrose Rai

Nancy Pelosi Claims MEXICO BETTER than US .. then why so much ruckus about building the wall… or sending the illegals back to their better country.

Yazzy C

I love how she said: You work for us. The guy is full of it, saying about wanting media attention… Well, they're downplaying the nation's feelings and thoughts. On what reality are they living in?
This is more likely a small fraction of people who are just pissed off.

Harry Denny

This prick is bullshitting again. This shithead should LISTEN to their constituents. Where were these town hall meetings when Obama was in office. Trumps performance has been dismal. He is an incapable self obsessed child that needs constant ego boosts and he's ripping off the taxpayer for his weekly vacations to the amount of 156 Million Dollars Per Year. Just wait and see at those elections. It will be a complete reversal.