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Research in Computer Science: lessons from MIT and EPFL | Aleksander Mądry (MIT) | ML in PL

Interview with Aleksander Mądry, Associate Professor @ MIT, about doing research in computer science and deep learning and the lessons he has learned so far during his time at MIT and EPFL. The interview was recorded during the second pre-meeting before the ML in PL Conference: You can watch the lecture Aleksander Mądry gave during the pre-meeting here: If you want to find out more about Aleksander’s work, check out his official website:

Interview timeline:
0:27 – Why did you decide to continue your scientific career in the USA?
1:59 – Why did you choose being a researcher over working in the industry?
3:48 – Was obtaining a PhD important in your scientific career? Is it necessary to obtain a Phd in order to contribute to the field of machine learning?
6:16 – Why did you decide to continue your scientific career as an assistant professor at EPFL?
7:36 – Why did you decide to come back to MIT from EPFL?
8:46 – Do you think it is necessary to go abroad in order to do research in deep learning?
10:56 – Do you have any recommendations for universities in Poland to become as successful in research as universities in the US?
13:04 – How to make people who go to study abroad or go to work abroad to come back to Poland?
16:12 – If a student contacted you with a research idea, would you guide him?
17:54 – Why did you decide to switch from algorithms to deep learning?
20:14 – Apart from excitement about deep learning, has there been any other reasons why you managed to produce so many deep learning papers recently?
20:54 – Do you think that deep learning is overhyped?

People behind the interview:
Host: Michał Zmysłowski
Filming: Tomasz Wąs
Editing: Kamil Bladoszewski
Subtitles: Marek Wydmuch, Michał Zmysłowski
Intro and Outro music:

Association website:
Conference website:

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Arkadiusz Hadała
Arkadiusz Hadała
7 months ago

Pan Aleksander Mądry bardzo mądrze prawi.

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