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Result in Swift 5 – Hands on Example with Firebase (2019)

Learn about Result in Swift 5 and Xcode 10.2!

Swift 5 introduced Result, but it can be tricky to see how one could use it in a real production app. Fear not, we will be creating an example app that will explain the use case of Result. You will be learning How to use the result type to handle errors in Swift 5. In this two part series we will dive into:
– creating the example app
– downloading an image from firebase Storage and than refactoring the code with Result

You can take a look at the playlist here:

Let’s get to work!

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Do you use Result with Firebase?

Анатолий Я
Анатолий Я

can i use guard let err = err {comp… return} ?

Анатолий Я
Анатолий Я

why are you using Brave Browser instead Safari ?