Russia plan for MILITARY intervention in North Korea to cease a NUCLEAR apocalypse

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11 Comments on "Russia plan for MILITARY intervention in North Korea to cease a NUCLEAR apocalypse"

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M. S

Russia can f*off! Sorry mf!..hey, I personally seen all the halfbreeds your pencil dick military left in Afghanistan. Who in the F would rape those women? Russians!

Richard Beaudet

Kim Jung needs divine intervention to see the light errors of his ways all things are possible who is on High 💯✝️💕🇺🇸👀💕✅

Robert Agri


Walter La Rue

Yah hoo…them Russians are some hard hitting dudes…

Walter La Rue

bottom line,
rocketman and his
gook geezers can
not be trusted with that hardware…. fact, these son of a bitches blew their asses up, caused mouse hole cave ins and earthquakes
where they were fooling with their rockets…
These people think themselves to be honorable, civil, soundminded…and peaceful…
Charlie is a resentful son of a bitch and will kill your ass, like a snake bites…
They are delusional, paranoid and fools..
mealy mouth human junk…

Panda Nuke

How do they plan to do their 'super mighty' strike, one ICBM at a time? Lol

Rodney Maynor

This shit is dam old news. Try again!

Ivan Chernobyl

Russia can even in the Civil War that had with chechnya for 25 years almost and that's a third world poverty ho just like North Korea that attacks Moscow another cities all the time it's equivalent to having Mississippi attack Washington DC and Chicago periodically for 25 years. Even in a single year 6000 Russians were killed.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Super mighty preemptive strike? I think that they're running out of words.

Ty M

They say our threats are stupid and don't make them fear us, well their threats don't make us scared either they just make more countries want to get rid of them

Biswajit Das

Kim jung Un is real men all of the world.. don't mistake after big problem is American