Russia warns North Korea and United States sure for ‘APOCALYPSE’ – DAILY NEWS

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7 Comments on "Russia warns North Korea and United States sure for ‘APOCALYPSE’ – DAILY NEWS"

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James Alexander

To hell with North Korea and who ever supports them… Let em fly.

Kevin Hargrove

President Putin , punani should stay out of our business, shit he is probably the one who sold icbm's to North Korea

ken windrum

To hell with Big mouth Putin he is a murder and this cumbag will rot in hell with fat ass kim.. What? Russia helps Fat ass Kim Dumb Putin — US will make Putin look like a cherry on a cream cake   –  Us will  bomb who ever attacked them – The US is getting 4 more Aircraft carriers ready in case some asshole  gets smart…

Nathan Mondragon

Go Russia please save us

Aurα вírdч


John Kriegelstein

The hell with Russia,who are they to dictate to the USA,Putin needed to talk with fat boy.Russia forgets they have China.We have Japan,India,Aussies,Israel and Vietnam.And India got shit Russia never even thought of.

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RUSSIA has warned the US and North Korea are heading for apocalypse in a chilling prediction for the nuclear crisis.