Russian 1917 revolution – web model!

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el Médico Extraño
Guest hide behind the peaceful muslims(will be activated as extremists at some point by the true violent islam war crusaders)imagine what they'd to their adopted daughters and their slaves… Money! Amen to Islamic planet domination… where unlimited wives and family orgies… and the islamic fathers are singing "Marry your daughter" to themselves. Then survival of the fittest for the males… Only the elite islam males will remain with their lavish palaces and sex robots…Of course no gays allowed because islam is basically for the man's point of view..but lesbianism during family orgies they allow… Because a man looks ugly to… Read more »
Mike Humperding

The European Union reminds me of the Soviet union! Because like the Jews seized control of Eastern Europe they have seized Western Europe and the US today!

Mike Humperding

What the Jews did to the slavians is intolerable like what the Jews do today to the Western nations!