Russian-American lobbyist was within the assembly with Trump Jr.

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Akhmetshin is described as a former Soviet navy counterintelligence officer, however denies any involvement then or now in intel actions; John Roberts has the …


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Hussell James

Just for fun replace "Russia(n)" with "Muslim(s)" & see how long it takes to sound racist/bigoted as hell lmao!!! Not even necessarily this clip so much but in general… Dems are straight up Russophobes!!! This works with anti-white rhetoric too… just switch it for any other race & like magic… it's racist lol.


Trump has been hiding something and lying over and over again. Fox news and the Trump government colluded disparaging the CIA and FBI and the media for investigating those lies and revealing the truth. How is this not obstruction of justice?

d'arc madr
Look at the people behind the podium. Does anyone really believe they are better for America than Trump? Trump may falter occasionally but no one's shown he doesn't have our interests at heart. And those are some truly embarrassing characters claiming the moral high ground…Maxine, who doesn't live in her district, but in a $4 mil home on a government paycheck…Pelosi, barely coherent at times, glad to ram legislation down our throats…"we have to pass it to find out what's in it" arrogantly claiming to know best for us regardless of our wishes. No thanks. I'll take my President, thank… Read more »
toddjon stevenson

Look above and below for paid trolls that hate America and Trump
17 anti Trump comments in a row on Fox…
Democrats are so OBVIOUSLY STUPID
They think we believe in bullshit aswell…. hence all their losing😎
Go Trump

Javdog Lopez


Joe Dodge

There is no Republican Representative in the American Government who cares about the disastrous condition we now live under. Millions of Americans lost their lives fighting to prevent exactly what is happening in America today. Their blood is on Donald's hands. And, Donald is waiting to get paid.

John Marlowe

Trump thinks American voters are stupid and he's right.

Tax returns?


nice big nothinburger for the demos to chew on for the weekend.

jon henry

russian intelligence officer & kremlin linked women whome both r apposed to sanctions witch involves the russian gov, r both having compromising blackmailing meeting with the potus son & his son in law in bagging the united staes


Boy that was risky letting John Podesta run Democrats campaign 2016. John Podesta known for having connections with Russia. Wow that's scary!! Wonder if John Podesta had any meetings with Russians during campaign?? Boy I hope not, that's is just scary !!


I am not sure since when I it is automatically a crime by meeting anyone
or anything starting with the 'R' even no evidence of any crime

The more interesting point is that this rule only apply to the
conservatives, the regressive left Democrats can meet with anyone &
received money from any countries no problem whatever.

Argenys Herrera

No Collusion, Fake News….. Ummmmmmm Collusion isn't illegal Fake News!

Nicholas Fox

How fast people forget about the real crimes of people like Obama and especially the Clinton's have done. All this is to distract from the real criminals… Jr. an American citizen can meet with whom ever he wants. And Polosi and that idiot black woman need to be eliminated from politics, who voted these assholes in anyway?

Camer Pikin

Why do these people LIE so much? What are they Hiding?

w chaput
Who left the dead pig on the stairs?Could these Stumpist vulgarians be any more ham-handed and obtuse? Any more loutish, ill-bred, and unsavory?Europeans—especially the enlightened French—have long held that Americans were a gutter bunch, too vacuous and tiresome to tolerate, such philistines as to be no more than leaden door-knockers who were begging for and deserved the lash just for sh**s and giggles.Do illiterate and uneducated Americans not know they’re the war-mongering howlers of the universe, so despised the planet counts itself lucky that America lies safely sequestered behind wide deep oceans where it can chew on its paws without… Read more »

This is not about right or left now. Not about Trump supporters and those that oppose him. This is not about the fence sitters (worst of the lot in my opinion). This is about the very existence of the United States of America, and the continuity of it's democratic government.

jack flash

the only people that care about russia investigation are people that would never vote for trump.

Spongebob the Chicken
Spongebob the Chicken

ImPeAcH dRuMpF! iMpEaCh DrUmPf! ImPEaCH dRuMpF!! hEs CoRrUpTeD, sTuPiD, SuCkS fAt AsS cOcK, iS MeAn, aNd HuRtS mY FeElInGs.

fUcK rEpUbLiCuCkS!

Larry Mangus

All DJT needs to do is figure out how to send the Communist scum to Guantanamo.


The Colluder-in-Chief is a traitor, & the GOP & Fox are his accomplices in TREASON



Surplus Sean
Just a month ago Trump was bumbling idiot that was unfit for office. Now he's an undercover agent or in some secret collusion with Russia. Is he an idiot or a genus? When he was campaigning, he was in with Putin. Then he was trying to start WW3 with Russia. Now we're back to him working with Putin. Every one of Trump actions have been anti Russia. Trump wants America first, build up our military, doesn't back Iran or Assad, is loosening regulations so America is energy independent. If Trump is colluding with Russia, Putin is an idiot and enjoys… Read more »
M. M.

"I just want the truth to get out there" (thats why i keep changing my story) Don Jr.


The definition of a ''Russian spy'' is extreme devalued. In the paranoid eyes of the false Democrats any Russian seems to be a spy…
and anybody via via ''linked'' to the Kremlin (whatever that means) is today a ''spy''.
By the way: The Democrats themselves (even the also bad looser Mc Cain) used the information of a real Russian spy to bring idiot fake news about Trump voming an pissing in Obama's ex-hotel… !!!! to manipulate the elections!!!

D Storm

Loretta Lynch allowed this Russian lawyer in, and she worked with anti-Trump groups such as Fusion GPS…

OldTimer Ways

Obozo and Clinton going to jail


The top then greatest tabloid shows in American history:

– Geraldo Rivera
– Jerry Springer
– Faux "News" aka Fox News
– Ricki Lake
– Maury Povich
– Infowars
– Breitbart
– Inside Edition
– Entertainment Tonight
– Access Hollywood


Lock them up!!!!

President Oso

When Trump gets impeached and goes to prison for life there will be a new national holiday that will be like Christmas and the 4th of July rolled into one! It's going to be great, it's going to be great! Check out my Pinocchio Trump video or Donnie will destroy you with his Tweets!

Thomas Wilson

"I served 4 years in the Obama White House. I never hired a lawyer, and I don't know anyone who did," Chris Lu, who also served as a deputy secretary of Labor under Obama, wrote on Twitter. "Just thought I'd point that out."

Tom Noyb

Please stop giving this info away for free. Announce publicly that when Clinton reveals her GPS meetings and attendees, you'll release your attendees. Give nothing for free. Always tie it to a Democrat scandal. This serves two purposes, 1) it makes the media report both sides and 2) puts seriousness on the scale for voters. Simply saying, "look what Dems did," isn't working. Art-of-the-Deal, Mr. Trump.


Fake News