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RxJS, Angular, async pipe, ngIf, and ! vs Else – # 16

Back to working on the RxJS error handling instructional code. We carried on at greater length, especially about the async pipe, *ngIf, !, else, and other aspects of using async and RxJS in templates.

Discussion also included how best to teach these topics, and the merits of better and more complete instructor notes for a class taught by a team over time.

People who appear in this session include:

Paul Spears: @theevergreendev
David Moore: @vandermore
Chris Hardin: @Starjumper30
John Baur: @johnrbaur
Bill Odom: @wnodom
Lance Finney: @LMFinneyCoder
Jack Balbes: @balbesoverrun

We work at Oasis Digital:

We teach Angular Boot Camp:

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