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Saving Leadership In 2019

Found In Translation Episode 334: Host Ray Collazo is joined by new cohost Leadership Expert and Activist Adriana Rivera to discuss how we save leadership in 2019. Rivera shared her five keys to saving leadership in 2019 while Collazo explains how ignoring these lessons relates to how we got into this political mess.

Rivera also shares best practices on how to integrate LGBTQ issue awareness into all of our day to day social justice work and updates us statewide advocacy efforts through her role with the Pennsylvania Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs.

Collazo reveals what’s needs to happen next in Trump impeachment process and why Senator Bernie Sanders is like marriage: he is front and center in sickness and in health.

In the “Behind The Turntables” segment, Rivera and Collazo talk about what makes great DJing at a Latino party and why the viejitas love those grimy Latino Trap jams.

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