Sen. Rand Paul Criticized Obama for Govt Orders. #SenRandPaul #Obama #JakeTapper

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6 Comments on "Sen. Rand Paul Criticized Obama for Govt Orders. #SenRandPaul #Obama #JakeTapper"

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Double speak

Nunya Biznes

If this plan was so good Republicans would've already passed it. They own the House, Senate, Presidency and Supreme Court. They did it this way so no bipartisan groups could take a look at it.

Imran Patel

That was a smack down. Tapper was clueless.

Kevin Brown

LOVE Rand Paul. So glad to see him working with Trump. Two would make a formidable team in Washington on most issues I can think of.

Elliot Jackson

That don’t even make sense how in the hell will a small business be able to afford the same insurance as big business. He sound so stupid to even consider have to agree to such of thing.

Mary Monroy

I make less than 40k…i always thought I was middle income. According to Rand Paul, middle income is 75k to 300k. I am way below poverty….