Senators Hatch & Brown concerned in shouting match over Tax Plan. #Hatch #TaxPlan

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4 Comments on "Senators Hatch & Brown concerned in shouting match over Tax Plan. #Hatch #TaxPlan"

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Libtard obstructionists. Dems dont work for the people they work for their party. That's not why their put in office. You Libtards cant see that? Dems have been selling out America long enough. Trump 2020 Maga

Odi Gomez

Remember the bailout of wall st and what a majority of companies did with the bailout…. they put it straight into their pockets.

Gary Bateman

This whole thing with the GOP Tax Plan is truly a first-class rip off to everyone in the USA who are not part of the "Wealthiest One Percent." The GOP Tax Plan is a big joke and an absolute deception, as well as their ploy to destroy Obamacare and to deny 13 million Americans their current access to affordable health care.

Richard Suarez

Where is the other half of the video which it was a great response