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September 12, 2019: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Gov. Phil Murphy takes on the vaping controversy, creating a task force and ordering it to come up with a policy in 21 days. Advocates push NJ Transit to ditch diesel and go for all electric buses by 2040. Plus, the agency denies accusations that it’s being less strict with new engineer classes. The 10 highest-polling Democrats for president will be on stage for the first time for a debate at a historically black university. What should be they talk about? Plus, painful testimony on sexual harassment in the workplace. Can new policies change the behavior of predators? And, after a decade in the dog house over fake IDs, Jersey City will once again give people born there a birth certificate there.

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Edmund Singleton

On your local news…I live in New York City, and if one of
your local televison news teams is typical and like most of mine, it would consist
of at least five individuals, all except one would be a dye head, and two would
be female, greasy lipped and blond dyed, not to worry, that would be quite