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Setting Up & Integrating Neo4j (Graph Databases) – Learning Laravel, Matt Stauffer & Zuzana Kunckova

Follow along with my Livestream as Zuzana Kunckova and I build a new Laravel app to track her family tree.

In this episode, we:
– Introduced our basic understanding of neo4j/graph databases
– Got Neo4j running
– Added a new graph in neo4j after Zuzana RTFM
– Required the GraphAware client in our code
– Copied basic GraphAware client setup code into service providers/environment files
– Created a rudimentary command to insert and retrieve data from Neo4j in our actual application code

Full notes:

Here’s the codebase we worked on:

🛣 What are these streams?
Coding, out loud, together. We’re building real applications, live, in real time. I can’t promise that NO code will happen on these projects between streams, but everything you see on these streams is really what it’s like to write web applications, primarily in Laravel and Vue/React.

🛣 What is Learning Laravel?
“Learning Laravel” is a new series where someone joins me to build an app who’s earlier in their journey of Learning Laravel. I’ll drive, they’ll navigate, and they’ll both tell me what to do and ask me questions when they don’t understand something I’m doing or saying.

🛣 Who is Matt Stauffer?
Hey, I’m Matt Stauffer, partner & technical director at Tighten (

Find out more about me, my projects, my book (Laravel: Up and Running), read my articles, and more at While you’re there, you can also subscribe to my newsletter to get regular unfiltered updates direct from my brain.

🛣 Who is Zuzana Kunckova?
Zuzana is a freelance web developer and designer. She consults about WordPress and accessibility and is learning Laravel as we go. Follow her on Twitter at and learn more on her personal site (

🛣 Follow along
I live stream every Friday at 11am eastern, on Twitch ( and YouTube ( Learning Laravel streams are currently planned to be 2:45 eastern on Mondays.

For notifications, follow me on Twitter ( or on your favorite streaming platform.

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