SGT Johnson’s Widow: I didn’t see his physique earlier than Burial. #Breaking #Headlines

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Kathleen Tate

What about the other 3 men that died with him. How are their families doing?

kenneth Bean

It is a shame we, Americans who are of color, Serve a country Who seem to be the recipients of hate, and disrespect. even our greatest efforts and sacrifices are disregarded and or are marginalized. A patriot is one whom serves and understands we are not seen as an equal, by many.Yet we still choose to defend our country, and freedoms and constitutional rights of those whom disrespect and despise us. My condolences to all my fallen brother and sisters in the military My God comfort bless and watch over the recently fallen family members.

trouble follows

Something is going on… even if the body is wrapped up like a mummy, you still open a small part and seal it back. I don't think the body will mind…🤕 first they can't find him for 2 days now you can't look at what or who they found. Who's in that casket?

jonathan truesdale

CNN paid their guest 25k to say this… Hahaha that is where their news is at they have to bribe their guest

Qwickill Martin

Man you democrats have fallen to a new level of lowness lol.
Is this the best you libtards can come up with lol

Garry Knight

Wow so Sgt Johnson was left behind for 48hrs and the widow gets disrespected by #45 then she is not able to see her husbands remains and to top it off #45 tweets claiming he said his name. After she was on tv. So to all trump supporters and those who voted for screw you to the highest racist know racist

Andy Yang

.If the body cant be. viewed in public, do it in privacy, the widow has the right!