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Shreehari ni Swabhavik Leela Chesta Mahatmya | Part -10 | 09 Nov 2018 PM – by Pu.Gyanjivandasjiswami

Shreehari ni Swabhavik Leela Chesta Mahatmya | Part – 10 | 09 Nov 2018 PM | Shibir – 27- by Pu. Gyanjivandasjiswami – Kundaldham

Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Kundaldham & Karelibaug – Vadodara

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Last Diwali, it was 27th satsang shibir at Shree Swaminarayan Mandir – Kundaldham and our Guruji, P. Pu Gyanjivandasji Swami discoursed katha named Shree Hari ni Leela Chesta Mahatmay Katha. As a foreground prior to the launch of Shree Hari ni Swabhavik Chesta in 3D, Shibir 27 was solely an attempt to take satsangis closer to Lord Swaminarayan. Everything at Satasang Shibir 27 was about Chesta, from the stage to all the events happening in the shibir. Lila Chesta being a poetic account of the Lord’s daily life actions and Lilas the Lord performed naturally to delight his beloved devotees. Thus this Katha was a hugely enjoyed by one and all. Which eventually being the reason for everyone’s eager wait for the release of this Katha for all to re-relish the divine bliss of Lila Chesta. Shree Hari ni Leela Chesta Mahatmay Katha. Shree Hari ni Leela Chesta Mahatmay Katha comprises of all 10 paragraph of Shree Harini Swabhavik Chesta.
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