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SixBlindKids – Our Trip Was Cut Short!

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We filmed this before most everything was shut down, so please continue to watch our next few videos as the COVID-19 situation evolves and affects our plans! Please, be kind in the comments!

This was Day 2 of our planned 7-Day Road Trip, and just after our planned visit to the SleepSafe Bed company in Bassett Virginia. You can see our tour video here:

In partnership with SleepSafe Beds, two videos ago, link here,, that the first recipient of a custom SleepSafe Bed from the Amazing Families Foundation ( was none other than Aidan Killen of @The Killen Clan, a blind and autistic 12 year old boy adopted from the Ukraine! Kat tells of her journey with Aidan and his challenges in this new video, published tonight:

In this video, we have left the factory and are driving on our way to eventually meet up with Aidan’s new bed at his family’s home in Alabama for a big “reveal”. Things were (and are) changing hour-by-hour on the world stage with respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Join us in real-time as new information we were receiving was changing our plans.

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Heidi s
Heidi s
2 months ago

That’s so amazing what you guys did for Aiden.. I have been watching both of your channels forever & it’s amazing to see you helping the Killan Klan.. U guys are such loving people!!

Demetria Young
Demetria Young
2 months ago


Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
2 months ago

You guys should grow stuff

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
2 months ago

Play some toilet paper plants

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
2 months ago

Don’t unpack anything keep it all packed up

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
2 months ago

That’s a bummer I really want Aiden get that bed I don’t even know if they’re going to be able to do a have anyone go back to work I think it’s going to last till December my mom thinks it’s gonna last till July

Abbie Price
Abbie Price
2 months ago

Sorry that your trip was cut short! Maybe when the virus dies down by the time summer gets here, you guys could make another attempt to meet Aiden’s family in person! I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing lots of puzzles lately! Maybe you guys can come up with some at home activities that both blind and sighted people can do for some good old family togetherness! Until next time, stay safe you guys!

Denae Sanchez
Denae Sanchez
2 months ago

I had to laugh/cry when you called sweet Jessie "the nocturnal one". Such a beautiful example of family.

Tara Silver
Tara Silver
2 months ago

Resourceful could also mean coffee filters…… 😂😂😂

Tara Silver
Tara Silver
2 months ago

How do I find out about u guys how where when why cause u both r absolutely God sent…meaning how did u meet how long married when did u decide to adopt.etc….

2 months ago

Awww Bethany you are just the sweetest ❤️❤️

2 months ago

I haven't been home or seen my family in 10yrs, finally hubby planned a trip home to Florida for my birthday April 8th yeah you can see where that went😪 Telling my parents was horrible. On a brighter note gas prices are like Christmas.
Stay safe everyone!

Jesus LUV
Jesus LUV
2 months ago


Marie Trini77
Marie Trini77
2 months ago

Everything happens for a reason. God has the right time and day. Your intentions and efforts are so extraordinary !!! God bless.

Nan Branham
Nan Branham
2 months ago

I’m just 1/2 way in, but I MUST STOP 🛑 and say, BETHANY, you are the dearest young lady! Every time you say something, it is just ALWAYS the KINDEST WORDS. You always warn my heart 💜. I would be so proud if you were my daughter or granddaughter!! I don’t have any grand kids, so I just might have to adopt you kids! Too bad we are so many states away from one another! Oh, and your mom had the most beautiful, amazing smile in the title! (Forget what that pic is called) Ok, I’ll continue…

Kgotabody 13
Kgotabody 13
2 months ago

My favorite YT family has graced us with two videos in two days so let me devote some time in watching these videos! ♥️

Susan Rachel
Susan Rachel
2 months ago

My son girlfriend works at one of our chain Canadian bakery Cobbs Breads so daily she brings home all the left over goods in huge boxes and my family and I have made up assortment of smaller boxes and deliver them all through our small town because elderly people and families are self quarantining here and my friend has a farm with lots of chickens and delivering fresh eggs ! It’s wonderful seeing everyone pulling together in such a very hard time 🥰…so glad you are all home and safe …sending much love from 🇨🇦❤️

Dawn Schnack
Dawn Schnack
2 months ago

Karen for being under great stress you have been glowing.
You look younger and refreshed looking.
Your makeup is natural and fleek.
Very natural and your baby blues are like a 👼.

2 months ago

I’m glad you’re home and safe 💖 it sucks that your trip got halted but hey, better be careful than sorry, right?

And the world is a crazy place, now more than ever.

Victoria O
Victoria O
2 months ago

I would like to tell you that you definitely need a mask even though you're not sick, you can have the virus and no symptoms for about 14 days and still you can spread it to other people. so please be careful!!

2 months ago

I watch the killen clan regularly the bed would be so good for aiden a secure safe bed would so b welcome

2 months ago

It’s scary, over here in t uk they shut all schools pubs and restaurants and warned vulnerable people to stay indoors for at least 12 weeks. The vulnerable are people over 70, those with medical conditions and disabled

Heidi Hokes
Heidi Hokes
2 months ago

Bless your hearts, when it rains, it pours, huh? As bad as all that transpired for you all, I know you also see the blessings. Thankfully you had a tour of the bed manufacturing operation at least, yet you weren't SO FAR into the trip that it created some unforeseen issues. I still feel REALLY bad that all of your plans & arrangements for a chance in 10 years to be away from home on a bit of a vacation, got halted abruptly by all of this. That's such a bummer for all of you! I do HOPE everyone in… Read more »

Morgan Budreau
Morgan Budreau
2 months ago

So sorry if I sound selfish, but I’m so disappointed. I love your collabs. I know safety is a priority, but this is over the top. A virus can’t stop people from living their lives or helping people in need 😞😟☹️😠

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