South Korea Simply Proposed Army Talks With North Korea

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Itsa Frap

fuck those gooks.. i say nuke them and be done with it


Goose-stepping is hard on the knees.

Hank Rivera

Now N. Korea has S. Korea exactly where they wanted; vulnerable!!! Nothing will EVER change on the North!! If that what the South wants; then let them go for it.. yes we will lose some advantage however we still have a solid Allie with Japan. If the USA need to take action it will take a little more travel time but none the less the USA WILL PREVAIL!!!!

David  Lang

this was my hunch

if they kick America out of South Korea I bet peace would break out

it's time

Ash n

South Korea gone crazy!!!!!! Moon is double-crossing US leadership. Good luck South Korea, hope you don't get hit by NK missiles.