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Spring boot Series | Tutorial 4 Understanding Maven and POM.xml

Spring Boot Tutorial Series for beginners.
Tutorial 4 Understanding Maven and POM.xml By Jayraj Gondaliya

In this tutorial, we will discuss

1. What is Maven?
2. Why we need Maven?
3. How to install Maven In Local Computer?
4. How to Create a Project with Maven?
– Sample Maven Project
– Maven Web Project
5. What is POM?
– Elements of POM
– Effective POM (Super POM, MOM POM)
6. What is .m2 Folder?
7. What are Maven Life Cycles and Goals?
– Demo of compile, test, clean install, package, Java DOC

Eclipse Features:
1. Effective POM
2. Adding Dependency Direct from the wizard

Other Web Links
Download Maven:
Maven Archetype Introduction:
Maven Repository:
Maven Javadoc Plugin:
Spring Docs:
Spring Boot Starter:

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