State Division responds to North Korea missile launch

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State Division spokesperson Heather Nauert learn a press release Nov. 28 that mentioned america is “dedicated to discovering a peaceable path to …


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I hate when dumb asses make statements like " ohh no why don't you just leave that poor old regime alone and take care of our people " ! Do you idiots not realize that every time they launch a new missile it gets better and farther than the previous !?! Theire main goal is to develop a missile with the capability of reaching our mainland as fast as they can and the longer we wait the worst we are off . As soon as they can deliver a nuke to our mainland , it's gonna be a whole other… Read more »
Red Pirate

I’m hoping this is an old response, otherwise I’m losing hope in Trump

Red Pirate

What happened to fire and fury Trump?

Tnn Dll

BILL CLINTON created ROCKET MAN in 1994!

BILL CLINTON sold his stupid NUKE DEAL with North Korea in 1994. (The Republicans rejected his dumb deal, BUT he BYPASSED them anyway and funded North Korea for 7 years while they built nukes under his nose!).

Here is Bill Clinton selling his "good deal" in 1994 to a gullible media:
(See youtube video number: v=xPbhaBcGke0)

Here was Trump 17 years ago warning about how stupid the deal was:
(See youtube video number: v=XjXZNJ50GN0)

Liberal news organization continue to defend the Clintons failed Nuke Deal 1994, just like they continue to defend Hillary and her failed Iran Deal!

Daryl Leckt

trump embarrasses himself by talking shit about rocket man and nor kor.
rocket man is going to develope icbms that can deliver nukes to north america.
until rocket man loses control of the peasants and they start streaming into china nothing will change.

Andrew Fleming

Trump is all talk, now he has no where to go…. Fire and Fury… KJU is laughing at the US… and Kim is giving Donald "No Balls" Trump the finger, and don't say he is trying diplomacy as he told Tillersen it was a waste of time… Trump has to do something or bugger off.

A fine Murican

Lib media is why our balls dropped off


Damn Cameron Diaz! You work for the government now?….
someone please give her a movie or something


Our biggest enemy is not North Korea, it's the anti American Democrat party.

Tony Quionones

Why the fuck do you guys can't leave the north Korean regime along and start taking care of our own scandals



Paw Flo

What her Qualification?

Shaheena Bhatti

Just star thiz dem war alrdy

Efyu Inda A

Who gives a shit what the state department says they have no power
What does Jared Kushner have to say


Bomb the shit outta those skinnies. Kim will be hiding in the sewers like Saddam

I hate Mondays

Well launch one back and tell rocket man to shove it up his anus and he will go running scared. We learned what would happen in history of we don't take charge and it was death of millions because no one stood up to say what was right or wrong. What's the point of being a world power when you don't use that force. Though the Chinese won't like they won't start a conflict with the most powerful nation and alliance known to exist.

russell hillery

Nk is no threat at all to the US. War mongering sons of bitches. Gump is to stupid to be in this position. Endangering all of your dumb ass lives with nuclear weapons…

Stacy Jackson

FFS…just STOP! Corporate Media and the fear-mongering is sooooooooo "Cold War" era.

Kim Jung Un isn't going to bomb America, or anywhere else for that matter. He's just finally found someone to trade insults with. Trump should STFU and take his junior-high "I'm tougher than you…" ridiculousness to text messaging, like all 14 year old girls do. Him and Un could piss and moan until they hug it out, in private. This game's tired, and complete nonsense. 😴😴😪😪

William Saltzmann

Kim you must stop or we will keep talking your ears off. I bet Kim looks on us as having no Balls hmm.