State Of Emergency in VA Amid Violent White Nationalist Protests. #Breaking #Charlottesville three

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3 Comments on "State Of Emergency in VA Amid Violent White Nationalist Protests. #Breaking #Charlottesville three"

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Thom Waddell
Basically, CNN is doing their typical BS. You are screaming for Trump to be harder. You're screaming, how are "whites" doing this horrible act. Watch some of your own footage, morons. You'll see Antifa striking first. You'll see blacks "sucker punching" random white people. Where were you last year in Baltimore or Ferguson? Oh, that's right, you were showing empathy for the BLM movement while they "got room" to destroy and riot. Where was Obama? Did you scream at him to be harder? No, he wouldn't respond, but that's ok, because he's black and you're scared to report the truth… Read more »
Crow Dog

Thoughts and prayers go to the poor car bumper today. No more love for liberals.


You are BAD people. You make a headline that says "Violent White Nationalist". They were attacked not the other way around. They had a permit to have a march. The left wing attackers did not have a permit.