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Suicide Rate Prediction using various Machine Learning Algorithms

The video is aimed at explaining how different machine learning algorithms can be used in predicting suicide rates based on relevant factors collected in the dataset. Hopefully, it will do its bit in depicting the implementation of rising technology in helping solve a problem in dire need of it.

Every year, close to 800,000 people succumb to their worsening mental health and choose suicide as a rescue. Ironically, despite such alarming figures, most countries still do not have a national strategy in place to prevent suicides. This is a whole new catastrophe in itself as the facts state that “for every one person who dies due to suicide, 20 or more people are attempting it.”

Thus, keeping in mind the above facts, the video explains the uses Machine Learning algorithms to predict suicide rates on analyzing and finding signals correlated to increased suicide rates among different cohorts globally, across the socio-economic spectrum. The dataset used is provided by

Link to the blog:
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An attempt towards prevention of suicide by:
Sahaana Das
(Bennett University)

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