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Posts tagged as “101619”

The Buck Sexton Show, Hour 3, 10-16-19

Buck looks at some more highlights from the Democratic primary debate and Mayor Pete Buttigieg defends cancel culture.

The Buck Sexton Show, Hour 2, 10,16-19

Buck discusses Joe Biden’s major gaffes during the Democratic debate, and Beto O’Rourke threatens to confiscate firearms from law abiding Americans.

Seattle City Council Select Budget Committee 10/16/19

Agenda: Introductory Remarks; General Fund Balancing Analysis; Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI); Public Comment. Advance to a specific part Introductory Remarks from Council…

#341 10-16-19 Analyzing The Joe Rogan Experience

Watch, comment and super chat: Porsalin’s doco: 00:00 When Is Impeachment Not Impeachment? [Pelosi’s No Vote, Taibbi on Coup, Beattie on Coup, VDARE…