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SQL Summer Camp: As and With | Kaggle

Today we’ll learn how to break our queries into smaller pieces and rename things using WITH and AS. Modular code means happy coders! The first…

China 2019 – Rethinking Capitalism

What would you do to change capitalism as we know it? Join Jennifer Lyn Morone to discover how to bring about a data-dignified world and…

28.06.19 – Ev. Elly Kurniawati – "Sepakat Dengan Proses Tuhan"

Khotbah Ev. Elly Kurniawati di ibadah PD Victory Semarang, tgl. 28 Juni 2019 Youtube PD Victory Jakarta: Youtube PD Victory Bali:


#yatridoctor #russia #siberia Want to have a Russian Visa Invitation Letter – I reacehd Irkutsk after a long 32hrs train journey from Novosibirsk…