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THE PURGE IN HONG KONG (rally in Hong Kong)

THE PURGE IN HONG KONG : Alledge Triad Gangsters attacked pro-democracy protesters Men most wearing white shirts and carrying bats, sticks and metal poles, set…

Sea Lion Show – Ocean Park, Hong Kong

This is a great Show we’ve watched at Ocean Park Hong Kong.. i recommend this for the kids… very nice show! #CEBtravel #oceanpark

Dian Anita – Live Score I VICTOR China Open 2019

The 2019 China Open, officially VICTOR China Open 2019, is a badminton tournament which will take place at Olympic Sports Center Xincheng Gymnasium in Changzhou,…


支持《建民论推墙》的方式: 1, 订阅+转发,订阅建民的频道,就是实实在在的支持,转发传播建民的每一期节目就是推墙的一部分,虽举手之劳,但积小溪以汇江河; 2, 《建民论推墙》节目感谢你打赏。