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Posts tagged as “GoPro”

Beijing China 2019 – (GoPro7 camera)

Checking out Beijing on a 6-hour layover…took the train in the city and walked around… #getsidetrackedchina #getsidetrackedbeijing

Little trip from Tokyo, Karuizawa Nagano Prefecture

google maps route : I walked to St.Paul’s catholic church from Karuizawa Station. Karuizawa has been famous as a summer resort. I recommend use…

Shant Jam 2019 (Raw Footage) – Bob Reese

Shant Jam is a movement event held in Greenville, South Carolina at Greenville Gymnastics. Tricking, parkour, freerunning, gtramp, dance, breakdance, yoga, trampoline, gymnastics, and tumbling…